Crysta is amazing! When I started the search for a make up artist for my wedding I was so nervous, but she was so sweet and helpful. I was also very nervous about getting a tan, because I’ve had bad experiences in the past, and she made me feel comfortable that I wasn’t going to be an orange when I walked out and it turned out perfect! I could not have been happier with the trial tan and I couldn’t wait to get another one for my wedding day. My make up, omg was flawless, seriously I just was in awe of it all. She gave me everything I asked for and more just at the trial and then on my wedding day... it was even more perfect! So thank you Crysta for making me feel so beautiful on my wedding day!
— Magan F.

A whole page dedicated to you, the Bride.

Thank you for taking the time to stop by our bridal page and considering us for your wedding day! Aura Brushed is always grateful for every wedding we are apart of. Each bride is so special and we take pride in providing a worry-free and elegant experience for you and your bridal party. Please continue to read below and find out more about the ways we can be apart of your big day!


Aura Brushed would love to be a part this special occasion by providing flawless airbrush makeup services to you and your bridal party on the big day. All makeup bookings will include an in-studio bridal trial. If you are in need of hair styling for the entire bridal party, or just you, Aura Brushed partners with professional hairstylists that are well seasoned in bridal looks.

We also provide skin enhancement glows and recommend doing this just a few days prior to your wedding. We do not require you to book both skin enhancements and makeup services with us as we understand this “glow” is not for every bride. If you do choose to book a skin enhancement for your wedding day you will receive a complimentary trial one month or more prior to the wedding to perfect your wedding day glow.

Our team comes prepared for your wedding day. Our makeup kits are stocked with quality makeup, brushes, skincare and faux mink strip lashes. We also keep individual lashes stocked for clients who do not wish to wear a strip lash. Anyone who has false eyelashes applied by a lash technician will not receive lashes from us to avoid any damage to the technicians’ work. We also have our own chairs, ring lights and tables.

All we ask of our clients is that you come to our chair with a clean, makeup free face and a photo on your phone of the desired makeup look.


How soon do I need to book Aura Brushed for my wedding?

We recommend booking us for your wedding at least 3 months in advance.

How do I book Aura Brushed for my wedding day?

You will need to reach out via email to request a quote and let us know which services you are interested in. A $150 deposit is required after details are confirmed. Once this has been paid, we will then book you and start setting up your trial dates to confirm your complete bridal look.

How does the trip charge work?

A trip charge is applied to the overall package. The trip charge is determined by distance from our studio in Bellaire.

Why do you recommend a skin enhancement glow?

Aura Brushed knows that a spray tan is not for everyone. For all of our bridal parties we encourage a light glow and this is why we call it a skin enhancement. We give your skin a little glow, no matter what your base color is. Everyone looks beautiful when they have a little glow on their wedding day and our goal is not to make you darker, unless that is your preference! 

How does the trial work?

The trial makeup and skin enhancement will take place in our studio. 

For the makeup trial, all we ask is that you come to the studio with a clean makeup-free face. The trial will take about an hour and a half to complete. We will make sure we have provided you a look you are happy with and feel like a timeless beauty in. After your trial, we encourage you to note and photograph how your makeup wears through-out the day, so on the wedding day you can provide us your feedback and we can make any adjustments necessary. This is also where you will make sure you are comfortable in the coverage and colors chosen for eyes, face and lips. We have several brides who have chosen to get their bridal portraits done after their makeup trial with us. This is a great idea and we encourage this if you can make it happen. This will allow you to see how your makeup will photograph and the skin enhancement if you chose it. Aura Brushed artists will take detailed notes on colors used and we will take photos of our own to make sure we replicated the exact look you want on your wedding day. You will receive everything in your trial that you will on your wedding day, the only difference is the time we will spend on your trial to make sure we have your perfect look complete.

For the skin enhancement we ask that you come to the appointment in a loose dark outfit. Sweat pants and a long sleeve shirt are best. You will need to make sure you have already showered, shaved/waxed and exfoliated at least 6 hours prior to the application. You do not want to come right after shaving as this will give a spotty look to the legs from solution landing inside of open pores. We have two colors that we use on brides specifically. Our standard tan that provides a light sun kissed glow, will need to be left on 6-8 hours before you rinse it off. Our other bridal solution is our One Hour solution that yes, you can rinse off in exactly one hour from your application. This solution will provide a beautiful sun kissed color as well. You can not go wrong with either of these bridal colors, the biggest difference in the shower time. The rapid is ideal for someone who does not have time to sit for 6-8 hours or may be more accident prone. While you are wearing the standard you can not sweat, workout, do dishes, let an animal’s wet nose touch you by accident and you will need to be more cautious to stay dry, until your first rinse. After you rinse, you can do everything like normal.

How long will the makeup look take to complete on my wedding day?

After a trial has been done, all makeup looks on the wedding day will take 45 minutes. Aura Brushed and our team has worked very hard to perfect a flawless look in 45 minutes to ensure everyone looks their best.

What if someone in the party has pink eye?

Aura Brushed ALWAYS sanitizes every makeup tool and product used on our clients and we go the extra mile to make sure nothing can be transferred. If the client is more comfortable then they may provide their own brushes and our team will use all disposable tools for this specific application.

What if I have my own product’s I want used on me?

Aura Brushed is happy to apply your makeup look using your products. This does not change the price of the makeup application, however.

What if I need to be ready early in the morning, like 4-7 am? Also, what if my wedding falls on a holiday?

Aura Brushed charges a $150 premium for weddings that fall on holidays and weddings where the bride or bridal party need to be ready by an early morning time.

Do you do tattoo cover ups?

Aura Brushed can provide tattoo cover ups for the bride or anyone in the bridal party. Pricing for cover ups is determined on a case-by-case basis. Smaller tattoos on the wrist, fingers or ears can be $60 while larger back pieces, shoulder pieces, etc. can be closer to $300 +. Tattoo cover ups take a professional to make sure this cover up looks good when photographed or on video. Aura Brushed has worked very hard to perfect our craft in all areas of artistry.

I used aura brushed for my bridesmaids. Chrysta organized hair and makeup for my 7 bridesmaids. She had 4 girls there at exactly the time she said she would. They ran on time and did stunning work. My mom forgot her concealer and they didn’t hesitate to touch her up. Chrysta and her team did a phenomenal job and I can’t recommend them highly enough’ she was a dream to work with!
— Hannah F.
Crysta did such a fabulous job with my wedding tan! She is so caring and detail orientated. I have use her for the last year for my tans and she far out does any one else I’ve got to. She makes sure there are no harsh lines on your feet or hand. She also will talk through with you the best plan for what day to get your tan based on wedding date and travel date if it’s a destination. I highly recommend aura brushed!
— Maria R.

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