Welcome to Aura Brushed

Hello to everyone, my name is Crysta and I am the co-owner of Aura Brushed. I am so excited to start this journey with each of you! Owning a beauty business that allows me to use my artist skills has been a dream of mine for a very long time. I hope as clients you will soon learn how dedicated I am to taking care of you, while making you looking like a beautiful masterpiece.

I want to take a moment for those clients who have grown with me into this business and who constantly gave me encouragement to say thank you. I truly appreciate each and everyone of you. Every encouraging word, everyone who believed in me, everyone who said "you should have your own business", all those kind words and faith that was put into me made me realize that I CAN DO THIS!  When I started to see people believing in me and my ideas, I can not describe to you the emotion that went through my body. It is overwhelming, I am so thankful.

 This blog is meant to provide clients with information on products, updates, trends etc. I am hoping to post new blogs 2 times a month starting in March 2017. 

My first blog post... it's so real. I can't thank my clients and my support system enough.

with love,

Crysta Gebert