Aura Brushed is a unique beauty business. We provide healthy cosmetic tans that last up to 7 days,  as well as flawless airbrush makeup applications.  Our cosmetic tans have the option to be applied in the comfort of your own home or in salon. The whole process for a in home tan will take 20-30 for a in salon tan the process will be 15 minutes. We have our own equipment that eliminates overspray so you do not have to worry about anything in your home being reached by overspray. All pets, kids and rugs are safe when we come to your home! Our flawless airbrush makeup application can take place in your home, on location, or in salon, this process takes about 1 hour. We provide EVERYTHING, all you need to  do is have a clean moisturized face. 

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Crysta Gebert, co-owner of Aura Brushed has been in the tanning industry for 4 years and counting. She began her tanning journey in a traditional tanning salon and soon after fell in love with sunless and in preserving skins elasticity and suppleness that can only be achieved by avoiding sunbathing. Crysta obtained training through Norvell Sunless where she received her certificate in Colorology and Basic Certification. Crysta recently traveled to New Orleans where she received her Master Certification with Norvell University. When it comes to Norvell sunless Crysta knows which solution works best for each client. She understands that every client is different and has different skin types, textures and tones. This is not a cookie cutter tan. Everyone receives a customized tan fit for them. In addition to sunless tanning, Crysta has been applying traditional makeup for over 6 years before diving into airbrush makeup 4 years ago. She understands how important every event is to each client. From weddings, to galas, charities, proms and more, Crysta will have you feeling like you are still yourself after the application just turned up a few notches.

The goal is not to change how you look but to enhance the beauty that is already there!